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“This is incredible! My content creation cost has come down by 80%. Attryb Tech helped my team to generate content at 10X speed without compromising on quality. Content creation has never been so seamless.”

Justin Kahn,Freelance Content Writer

"Content studio is my favorite content writing tool! We were struggling to write long form content which actually ranks on google. This amazing tool gives me information on high-ranking questions, keywords, competitor intelligence metrics, and much more. I can also keep my content better organized now!"

Andrea,Shorthills Tech

"I just love AI now. I can create the content on the go in no time with Attryb’s Content Studio. I simply add my product and business details, and I get original, contextual post suggestions in no time. It so amazing and I am never going back to traditional way of writing. Thanks, Team Attryb!"


"This is the tool we are using every day in our company for all our campaigns. Whether you want to write an ad copy, social media post or blog for your website; Content Studio helps us with everything. I can now generate content for any campaign at any time in 10% of time and cost."

Terrel,Golden Steer

Frequently Asked Questions

The Content Studio generates content with 30+ templates which is broadly classified in Short Form and Long Form content. Short form content templates cover ad copies for Google, Titles & Meta description for Webpages, and Product Descriptions for Amazon products. Long form content covers 1,000+ words blog posts.

Content Studio uses Open AI (GPT-3 based Transformer Language Model) which is trained using internet data to generate any type of text. We have fine-tuned Open AI for each of our templates to give relevant output to the user.

Content Studio has its own industry-specific database with 1B+ questions with relevant search and ranking difficulty metrics. These metrics help user to select the relevant questions to be answered in their blogs. Selecting the questions help user to structure their content through selecting relevant headings, which is also powered by Content Studio’s proprietary database. Once headings, corresponding to the questions, are selected by the user, we use OpenAI to generate answers for the questions. These answers can be edited by the user to create the final blog/article.

The Content Studio is just a tool to assist the users to write better content at faster speed. The responsibility and ownership of the published content lies with the user.

Content Studio creates original content almost every time. Open AI is trained to identify the words and patterns used and doesn’t write that content again. It might be the case that general content is written somewhere and that might be similar to generated content.

You can subscribe your account at any time. If you have already paid for a billing cycle and deactivated in the middle of the cycle, your account will deactivated at the end of the cycle

Yes, you and your team can share one account and collaborate using our Pro or Enterprise Subscription Plan.

Yes, you can invite more users to share your account and they will be charged based on the selected Plan.

Content Studio has fine-tuned its models to give you relevant content, however, there may be times when you get repetitive, incomplete, or irrelevant content. Try to modify the input:
1. Try to amend your existing description to help us generate new content.
2. Try adding a few more sentences to give better context to Content Studio.
3. Try to write simple and clear product and business info. Just write the way you would explain to your best friend.
4. If you have something to share with us, you can give your feedback/suggestions on anil@attryb.com. Our team is working hard to ensure that you get highly-relevant content using our tool.

If you downgrade / cancel the subscription within first 7 days, you will get the full refund. No questions asked.